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Boutique Theatre Basel's new show: The Last Five Years

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // May 21, 2019


Susan Brownfield is the Co-Founder of Boutique Theatre Basel and Director of the upcoming show The Last Five Years. She joins Katt for the Mid Morning Mix


Gracie Hughes & Anthony Hehir, who star with Sarah Madeleine Kappeler in The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years is a musical theatre production which tells the story Jamie Wellerstein and Cathy Hiatt's relationship. Jamie is an up-and-coming novelist and Cathy is a struggling actress.

The show begins with Cathy and is in the present moment - the end of their relationship. Her songs then proceed in reverse chronological order. Jamie's first number details the beginning of their relationship - five years ago. His story continues in chronological order. Their stories do briefly intersect.

The show is on between 7 - 23 June with showtimes at 17:00 or 20:00

Tickets are available at boutiquetheatrebasel.com




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