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Battle for next UN Secretary General moves into next round

Politics // Sept. 6, 2016

The new Secretary General of the United Nations will take on the job on the 1st January 2017.

Battle for next UN Secretary General moves into next round

For the first time, instead of countries choosing a new a SG secretly in 'smoke filled rooms' - there are a series of straw polls.

The idea is to bring some transparency into the selection. But the process is complicated with countries able also to cast disapproval votes as well as approval. And any member of the Permanent Five (P5) group have a veto (US, UK, France, Russia, China).

Dr Mathew Parish came into the Breakfast show studio once again to give us an update on how the selection is going. The final choice will have a major impact of those who work in the UN.

Dr Parish is working to support the Serbian candidate, Vuk Jeremic

You can hear Mathew Parish discuss with Mark Butcher the results of the last straw poll and who seems to be gaining ground.

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