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ART SEEN - Zaric

ART SEEN // Art & Culture // Sept. 18, 2018


Uli Van Neyghem looks at the Zaric retrospective at the Espace Arlaud in Lausanne. 


Zaric: A glimpse into the fabulous legacy of a creative mind 

Prepare to be enchanted when you visit the beautiful Zaric exhibition in Espace Arlaud in Lausanne, as you enter the magical universe of a sculptor, full of hybrid mythical creatures that often fuse human and animal bodies.

Nikola Zaric was born in 1961 in Martigny, of a Swiss mother and Serbian father. He studied at Geneva Art School, after having finished a degree in Forestry Sciences in Zurich. Summer and winter holidays spent in the mountains further deepened his strong link with nature and fauna, that is visible in his work. The exhibition sadly is a retrospective as the artist died in 2017 at the age of only 56.

The rich collection shown at Espace Arlaud includes early and later works, big and small, all joined by his unique poetic style. 


  • Image: Uli Van Neyghem at the Zaric retrospective at the Espace Arlaud, Lausanne. October 2018


An interesting film (although in French only) will give you insights into the painstaking process of creating his sculptures: starting at the initial form done in clay (built up by hand, knead, cut and carved), which is then covered with white plaster. After hardening, the plaster is chiseled off in pieces to be reassembled again like a puzzle to create a hollow casting mold. Inserted with metal reinforcements, the cast is then filled with cement that petrifies into the final sculpture, perpetuating the markings in the surface of the original clay statue. 



Most of all, however, the film tells the story of a fullfilled dream that began with the artist's vision and ended with two of his sculptures being transported high up into the mountains by helicopter. At over 3000m, they are now facing the breathtaking panorama from the Trient refuge in the Swiss Alps in a space where humans, animals and nature meet on different terms.  

A captivating exhibition for all ages that would be a shame to miss.


The Practical Details

What:                            A Nikola Zaric Retrospective 
Where:                          Espace Arlaud, Place de la Riponne 2bis, 1005 Lausanne.
When:                           Until November 11, 2018
Opening times:            Wed - Fri (12:00-18:00), Saturday & Sunday (11:00-17:00) (Closed Mon-Tue)
Entry Fees:                   Adults: CHF 6 (Students & seniors CHF 4, Children under 16 free)


  • Image:  © atelier Zaric.




Art Seen is sponsored by Africa - the Ecstatic Religions exhibition at MEG - Musée d'ethnographie de Genève. 

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