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ART SEEN - YOU are the hero! Games & gaming

ART SEEN // Family// Education// Art & Culture // June 6, 2019


Artist Uli Van Neyghem steps into a giant game at the Maison d'Ailleurs in Yverdon.

This is the The Expo Where You Are The Hero: Come and Play!


The Expo Where You Are The Hero: Come and Play!

Let's admit it - we might be grown-up, but playing still holds a fascination: it's relaxing and wakes the inner child in us. The present exhibition at Maison d'Ailleurs in Yverdon-les-Bain, takes us on a journey through the world of games, from board games and game books to video and state-of-the-art virtual reality games. 

More importantly, you play an active role in the exhibition by means of a digital tablet you will be equipped with during the visit. Each visitor embarks on a tour of his choice, with skill games, puzzles or combination games to solve and messages to decipher, as if the museum itself becomes a giant board game. 



The interactive tour (there is also a version for small kids) is available in three languages (French, German and English). In case of little technical hick-ups on your tablet (that might be caused by going too fast or jumping a step in the game), the friendly personnel will lend you a helping hand.

Even without the personal gamification via the tablet, the exhibition is worth a visit though. The central idea of the project is to show that each game revolves around elements -  like space and rules - that are an inherent part of real life as well. Games, now more than ever maybe, can be seen as a mirror of human existence. 


  • Image: Warhammer figurines gave Uli a feeling of nostalgia


Contrary to life, in play we are able to act without the action being irreversible. Games are opposed to the seriousness of life, we are able to start afresh after losing. And this is probably the secret behind the lifelong fascination that playing holds for each of us.

On your tour you will come across old favourites (like Monopoly, or Tetris 3D in my case) and new discoveries: did you know for example, that there is a rich scene of video and virtual reality game development in Switzerland? The exhibition includes digital creations by Blindflug, Team Kwakwa, Wuthrer, Okomotive and Hidden Fields, all companies located in Switzerland. 

I was also fascinated by the eerily beautiful artworks by Filip Hodas, which include iconic elements of classic games like dominoes, Lego, Gameboy or Pacman. The young 3D illustrator from Prague puts them in universes reminiscent of lost civilisations, invaded by wild vegetation, where human presence is absent. 


  • Image: The stunning and eerily apocalytpic works of Filip Hodas were a highlight for Uli


Embedded: Filip Hodas' work, via Instagram: @hoodass  



Image: Board games and digital games are featured. 


A second round through the museum, without the distraction of the digital game's challenges, is highly recommendable. Don't worry that your kids might not be up to this. By this time, you will already have lost them to one of the many computer game terminals in the museum, where they will have intuitively figured out how to operate games they have not seen before (while you stand next to them in awe). It will be more difficult to make them leave Maison d'Ailleurs at all.     


Practical Details

What:                            'The Expo Where You Are The Hero
Where:                          Maison d'Ailleurs, Museum of Science Fiction, Utopia and Extraordinary Journeys
When:                           On NOW - Until October 27, 2019
Opening Times:          Tuesday - Sunday from 11:00 - 18:00
Entry Fees:                   Adults: CHF 12 (reduced fares CHF 8-10-.)




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