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ART SEEN - Valérie Favre

ART SEEN // Events// Art & Culture // By Uli Van Neyghem // May 21, 2018

Stepping into the Valérie Favre exhibition in Neuchâtel's Museum of Art and History, is like entering a magic forest, full of fabulous creatures like angels, swans in free fall, clowns, jugglers and a sad white horse. Or was it a unicorn?

The fabulous world of Valérie Favre's Art

Visitors might just as well have fallen asleep under a tree and now be moving about in a dream world, like the man in one of the paintings at the beginning of the exhibition. They are going to encounter colourful visions of a theatrical world and a giant cockroach (as a symbol on the theme of the world's overpopulation). 


One room feels like tumbling into a black hole, after all the colour that came before. The collection 'Fragments' contains works in oil and ink; nothing but black, shades of grey and white. Pieces of the universe, reduced to darkness and light.



The 7 rooms of the exhibition reflect the artist's imagination; her passion for theatre and writing, allowing glimpses into her creative and meticulous planning process with notebooks, sketches and photos done in preparation of the paintings. She appears to be moving seamlessly between art forms (photography, writing, acting...). Frontiers and separations dissolve: even between gender when Valérie Favre plays with slipping into alternately feminine, masculine or hybrid roles. 


It is important to know as well, that she was intricately involved in curating this exhibition and designed the show's staging:  a construction site scaffolding floor installed in the centre room (to cover up the museum's wooden parquet) and a specifically printed wallpaper in another room. The wallpaper picks up on the angel pattern on the ceiling of the beautiful Art Deco stairway leading to the first floor of Neuchâtel's Art and History museum. Valérie Favre, who grew up in Neuchâtel, vividly remembered these angels from childhood visits. The internationally renowned artist currently lives and works in Berlin, teaching at the University of Arts. 

Practical Details 

WHEN :                          Until 12 August 2018. Tues- Sun 11:00 - 18:00

WHERE :                       Musée d'Art et dHistoire Neuchâtel, Esplanade Leopold-Robert 1, 2000 Neuchâtel (www.mahn.ch/)

ENTRY FEES :              Adult full price CHF 8 (CHF 4 for students & seniors. Children under the age of 16 go FREE)

                                       FREE every Wednesday for all. 




Art Seen is sponsored by Africa - the Ecstatic Religions exhibition at MEG - Musée d'ethnographie de Genève. 

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