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ART SEEN - Uli Van Neyghem - an open house event

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // Nov. 9, 2015

As always, Steph Fonteyn has been out and reporting back about what not to miss on the art scene. This time, she's been in a homely atmosphere, where local artist Uli Van Neyghem exhibits her work in an open house atmosphere. 

ART SEEN - Uli Van Neyghem - an open house event

It's a one day only on Sunday 15th November from 2pm - 7pm at the artist's house in Céligny

Artist, Uli Van Neyghem, opens the doors of a renovated farmhouse to exhibit and sell over 30 acrylic paintings in the setting of her beautiful home. There is a common theme in Uli’s work, they all capture a precious moment in time. The paintings are calm and are about taking the time to stop and enjoy.

What makes this exhibition really interesting?

·      It’s not everyday that we are given an opportunity to visit an artist’s studio

·      The farmhouse is yet another of the artist’s masterpieces. Discover the artist’s story about how nature inspired the renovation.

·      The artist’s philosophy about art being something you want to live with, with a calming effective, versus a provocative piece.

·      See Uli’s famous Swiss Cows collection that she created for Comptoir Swiss around the theme of femininity and discover why the artist finds the Swiss Cows fascinating.

·      The beautiful lake scenes, but not your typical summer’s day view, more like calm, fresh and silvery winter views.

·      Her contemporary interpretations of still life that play with the fragile and translucent nature of reflections. The play between light and shadow can be perceived as a metaphor for the fragile and flickering balance of life.

·      Genre paintings capturing mini timeouts: The first rays of sunshine, the first coffee of the year or waiting for a bus with strangers. The artist balances visually busy scenes by focussing on moments of “pause”.

Hot tips:

Yes, Steph is a foodie… Restaurant "Beef & Chill" in Céligny serve great Thai food on Sundays for lunch or dinner. Her favourite is the Basilic Thai chicken. During the week they serve great burgers, British fish & chips and more.

The practical details:

Open House Exhibition with artist Uli Van Neyghem
When: 15 November 2015 from 2pm to 7pm
Address: 30 Route des Coudres, Céligny 1298
Parking: Céligny Cemetery, opposite Beef & Chill Restaurant

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