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Anzère in Summer

Mid Morning Mix// The Breakfast Show // // July 10, 2019


If you imagine the Swiss town of Anzère in Valais, you might picture a snowy scene. But just what is there to do in Anzère in Summer?

It turns out there are plenty of activities, both for those who love adventure and those who want a relaxing break.

We spend a couple of days in Anzère to find out more from those that live there year round. 

We also find out more about the Liberty Pass that comes free with any overnight stay in Anzère and includes public transport (including gondolas), wine tours, access to the tennis courst and pool and much more! 

e-biking makes those slopes easy - in Anzère Anzère in Summer


Rumour has it that the Gardien des Bisses is a dream job in Anzère - but is it really? We find out! And what new Swiss banknote will feature the Bisses on it later this year? 

'What are the bisses?' - We hear you ask.

Well, we've got all the answer for you in our chat with Lucien Moradthe Guardian of the Bisses


Pedro da Silva Lavrinchamasseur at Anzère Spa & Wellness Centre tells us about the treatments available, the facilities that are free with the Liberty Pass (and therefore any overnight stay in Anzère) and just what makes this mountain spa so special. 


After trying out an E-bike for the first time, Katt was keen to discuss her experience with Cédric Jost from the Anzère Tourist Office. However, electric bikes are not the only thing you can take out on the trails in Anzère, as normal bikes are just as fun, as is hiking. 


We spoke to Justine Luçon from the Anzère Tourist Office about all the fun things to do in Anzère over summer and she has some dates for our calendars, including Family Day at the lakes in Arbaz in August and the Chestnut Festival in October.


Prosess Concept is an outdoor fun park in Anzère that provides entertainment off the slopes. One of the key features is a giant air mattress so you can leap and land safely! One of the most exciting things about this is that it's totally free if you're spending just one night in a hotel in Anzère as part of the Liberty Pass

We spoke to Steven Hager, Director of Prosess Park, to find out more...


Ski Patroller & Piste Safety Head for Télé-Anzère, Emil Morard is on the slopes to minimize avalanche risk in Winter, but he's here to tell us what you can do if you take the télécabine up to the top of the mountain in Summer. 

We also speak to Christophe Rey from the Pas de Maimbré Restaurant. Christophe's restaurant is at an altitude of 2,362m and he tells us about the events that take place up on the mountain too, as well as where he'll go out to grab a bite to eat in the town. 

We spoke to Damian Indermitte, Director of the Anzère Tourist Office, about the liberty passes that are offered with any overnight stay in Anzère. There are also new features this year including a visit to the Morand Distillerie. We also talk about bringing groups to Anzère and a little mor about the accommodation available.


When we last came to Anzère in Winter, we gave away a weekend away in Anzère and a lots of ski and spa passes. We spoke to some of those winners about their experiences in Anzère. Here's a chat with winners Bill and Katy...


Whilst talking with Dessi Petrova from the Anzère Tourist Office, we found out that there are kids' clubs where parents can drop off their little ones (or big ones!), knowing the kids will have just as much fun as the parents!

Find out what there is to do to keep children entertained in Anzère and get inspired for your next family trip away! 


Louis-Bernard Emery, of Cave Emery, tells us about the wine produced in the region as well as the most popular varieties.

We also get to taste them... 

More information about activities in Anzere and the Liberty Pass can be found at Anzere.ch







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