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Anzère - Aurelie Morard-Savioz, Lollipop Nursery & Catherine Travelletti, Holy Mountain yoga

Mid Morning Mix// The Breakfast Show // Community// Family// Snow// Entertainment // Jan. 15, 2019

the Mid Morning Mix team were joined by Catherine Travelletti of Holy Mountain yoga studio, who tells us that YES! you can do yoga in the snow and why it's particularly good both before and after hitting the slopes.

Need to keep the younger kids entertained? Perhaps Aurelie Morard-Savioz from Lollipop Nursery can help here. She set up the a crèche service in Anzère to give parents the opportunity to keep the kids entertained for a few hours or a full day - so they can hit the slopes, spa or restaurant whilst knowing that the kids are being well taken care of.




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