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An Eden lost & found

Style// Explore Switzerland // By WRS // March 1, 2015

"It’s a privilege to share someone’s love for their home or their village. When we remember a place, we want its life to shine through. I know this area so well but I still love its surprises" -Rita Mancesti

An Eden lost & found

Quirky, vibrant, dynamic; the bustling towns and villages of the Lake Geneva region claim a special place in our hearts - and can be hard to leave behind. Inspired by the light of the lakeshore and the warm colours of la Côte, Swiss artist Rita Mancesti creates compelling figurative works in oil that capture that unique local spirit. Choosing an inspired starting point – in the great impressionist tradition – she creates bold and insightful tableaux and city slices on canvas, highlighting characters and details that we know and love. And some we may have missed! And while she may poke a little fun at Switzerland, a love of the region and its vitality shines through every brushstroke, evoking a real emotional connection.

While featuring her contemporary portfolio online at Artiswiss (including realistic, natural landscapes and classic lake panoramas), Rita also hosts Artistic Team Building workshops in English or French at her studio/ gallery in Coppet. But it is the original commissions for house and village tableaux that she enjoys most. Born and brought up in Geneva she’s well-placed to know its secrets. 



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