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America first, Geneva second?

WRS // By WRS // Feb. 15, 2017

Not to be outdone by other countries - as well is its own - Geneva has now released a video appealing to the new US president to put Geneva second. 

America first, Geneva second?

The Dutch started the trend - and other countries have also pitched to be second, after Donald Trump vowed to out America first. Switzerland has also entered the fray. But, that video came from the German speaking area of the country so the Tribune de Genève and Point Prod' have jointly put their case forward. 

Using the skills of Geneva comedian, Laurent Nicolet, the video highlights everything that makes Geneva worthy of a second place, including the UN and the Car Show. 

To see the videos from all the countries that have participated so far, check out Every Second Counts. They keep adding more. 

What do you think about these videos? Hilarious? Rude? Leave a comment below with your thoughts! 

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