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All Special Kids (ASK) on their mutli-tiered approach

Mid Morning Mix // Family // Nov. 2, 2016

All Special Kids (ASK) is an association based in Grand Saconnex, providing resources for parent, schools and specialists, helping to support children with learning differences and special educational needs in Switzerland.

All Special Kids (ASK) on their mutli-tiered approach

Jacqueline Martin and Joy Tong from ASK came into the studio to chat about the resources available and also the special conferences this Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November which focus on Dyslexia: promoting the positive. This conference aims to provide parents, schools and specialist professionals with the latest research on Dyslexia together with knowledge and tools that will enable children with learning differences to flourish socially, emotionally and academically and achieve lifelong learning success.

Here's Jacqueline and Joy talking about the organisation, why they're passionate about it and their personal stories...

Interview live on Monday 31st October 2016

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