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This week on FIRE!

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 9, 2019

What's happening on FIRE this week? 

Pixabay This week on FIRE!

FIRE is a new media hub, broadcasting over the WRS airwaves every Saturday from 2pm.

Created for young professionals in Switzerland and beyond, the FIRE network is all about three things: eating well, learning well, and loving well. It's the new good things hub based in Geneva, producing expat-focussed media that nourishes the mind and soul. 

This week on FIRE

We're back with another 2 episodes of The Hardest Word & Sugar Pills. This week we're talking about getting naked in front of the mirror, the patriarchy, and ways to date yourself.


Check out FIRE every Saturday from 2pm or peruse the website to find all the podcasts, check out who the presenters are, and find out what the First Draft Blog is. 

Keep up to date with FIRE on Twitter. News, conversation, and things we're thinking about. 


The FIRE Network is expanding. If you're a writer, social media guru, have a fab presenter personality, or like working behind the scenes, find out what FIRE is all about and get in touch.

And if you'd like to be involved with FIRE as an advertiser, email us

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