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A "charming" new particle discovered at CERN

Mid Morning Mix// The Breakfast Show // Science & Technology // July 7, 2017
  • Image: © CERN Daniel Dominguez
  • Representing the new particle observed by LHCb, containing two charm quarks and one up quark.


A new particle, dubbed the “charming” particle, has been discovered at CERN.

CERN announced the observation of the new particle yesterday in Venice at the EPS Conference on High Energy Physics.

Spokesperson Giovanni Passaleva, explained to WRS scientists on the Large Hadron Collider beauty, or LHCb, experiment  have been searching for this baryon particle for many years and it came as a surprise to see so many at once.

Baryon particles, such as protons or neutrons, are composed of three quarks. This particular particle is unusually heavy and composed of two ‘charm’ quarks and one ‘up’ quark and can only be found under very specific circumstances, as LHCb spokesperson Giovanni Passaleva explained to Katt Cullen on WRS…




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