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The 3 essential requirements for writing

Education// Art & Culture // By Debra Moffitt // Dec. 19, 2017

When I worked full time in international business, I dreamed of writing. But I also travelled about  260 days a year to far away places and experienced a lot of jetlag. 

Pixabay The 3 essential requirements for writing

One Saturday morning during a business trip when I was stuck at a hotel in Montreal, I sat at the marble top table looking from the high rise out over the cloudy city-scape with a blank notebook in front of me. I yearned to write. My whole being wanted to create something. But as I sat there in my room with the room service coffee growing cold, I only felt empty and exhausted.

It took a few years for my outer life to align with my inner desires to write. Now I write full time and help others to write too. Now that I’ve been writing for over ten years, I recognize three essential ingredients I need to write: time, space, and energy.

Time, Space, and Energy

A lot of people I meet are in the same place. They yearn desperately to write. Their souls are nudging them to express themselves, but they often lack one of the three essentials.

1. Time 

Most people can identify with the need for time to write. The book you yearn to write, the words that aim to flow out of you and onto the page, won’t come through if you don’t give them time. Just like tending to a child, a book also requires special attention and your time.

2. Space

 When days are filled with a million distractions, there’s no space to “hear” and “feel” the inspiration and the creative magic that wants to happen through you. Buddhist talk about the mind being like a bowl. If the bowl is full, nothing new can come in. There needs to be an emptying out and a letting go to make space for the creative inspiration to come in. Creating an actual, physical writing space can help you to begin to literally “make space” for your writing.

3. Energy

If you’ve ever sat in a room full of kids creating, drawing, and playing, you’ll remember the feel of creative energy. It’s real, alive, and enlivening. In fact, writing and being creative can give you more energy to create. It’s like a virtuous cycle. But if you’re suffering from a burnout from your stressful job, caring full time for an elderly parent, or managing a house full of kids, your energy may need to go into self-care and recuperation before it can go into creating a book. It can take time to build creative energy. You’ll feel it start to arise from within until it absolutely needs room for expression.

Once the aims to write become clear, it can take a few years for the other pieces of life to give us those three invaluable elements that make the seeds of the books within us grow. Writing is a process that requires commitment, dedication, and courage. If you don’t have these three elements yet, set the intention to write and make a conscious effort to work toward them. Patience is a vital part of the process. If you can spare a few hours to kickstart your writing, I’d like to invite you to try my intuitive writing workshop. It’s virtual and a lot of “blocked” writers come away thrilled with their breakthroughs. Dedicated writers discover a whole new approach that turns writing into an experience of grace and ease. 

Happy writing!


Debra Moffitt is the award-winning author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a DivinelyInspired Life and “Garden of Bliss”. She leads workshops on writing and creativity in the U.S. and Europe and is on the faculty of Esalen Institute and Sophia Institute. Her weekly radio show Divinely Inspired Living on Unity FM aims to invite listeners to trust their inner wisdom. It features guests like Sonia Choquette, Mark Nepo, and Dr. Eben Alexander. 


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