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123Cross - Triathlon fun in the forest around Le Châble

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Events// Family// Explore Switzerland// Food & Drink// Sport // Aug. 13, 2018

123Cross offers olympic level and sprint distance cross triathlons and duathlons on the 1st & 2nd September in Le Châble, near Martigny in open lakes and through woodland, with the mountains of the Val de Bagnes as the beautiful backdrop.

John Bristow tells us more...

The elements are open – water swimming, mountain biking and trail-running.

Triathletes can opt for either; Olympic Distance event; 1500km swim, 23km bike (with 900m elevation) and 12km run OR The 'Sprint' event which covers less distance; 500m swim, 14km bike (with 450m elevation) and 6km run.

There's the added option to complete the triathlon as a team of three, with each participant completing one discipline OR, to take part in a Duathlon, where participants take on two disciplines and scrap the one that they like the least. 

Aside from the triathlon itself, participants and supporters are welcome to enjoy the Fête d'Eté (CHF 20-) and enjoy food, live local music and events for the whole family, such as stand-up paddle boarding, water zorbing and kayaing on the lake or testing some of the electric bikes available and watching a paragliding show.

For more information and to register for the sporting event, visit www.123cross.com




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